Lösungen / Services

Software localization and German manuals

Since 30 years we have been doing translations of English software and manuals into the German language that are understandable and thus usable.

User manuals for software and technical equipment need a specialised understanding of what users really need to know to be happy. I have started to deliver such translations in 1983 for products of the Commodore 64 range.

I will take extra care of building your manual into a fully-fledged German handbook that will be understood and thus loved by its users - guaranteed. 

  • Software localization of ressource files
  • Software localization of help files
  • Operation manuals
  • Technical documentations
  • Hardware documentations
  • Websites
  • Advertising material
  • Subtitles for movies/video

I'll deliver the texts in any word processing format.

Among my clients are wellknown companies such as EllisLab, Inc., NewBlue, Inc.

I supply accurate translations at a fair price, and I always meet the agreed deadline.